Fiddling Monk

Violin Maestro Kumaresh is a limitless phenomenon whose musical career spanning 43 years has created a paradigm shift in the way the world looks at Indian Violin. A Child Prodigy who played his first concert when he was just 5 years, he was a sensation in the field of Carnatic music by completing his 100th stage performance even before he was 10.

There are many firsts in his career, like being one of the youngest to perform a full fledged concert on stage, one of the youngest artistes to be honoured as "The state artist", by the Tamilnadu Government, to getting an "ATop" Grade by the All India Radio, and he has an endless list of accolades.

As a trendsetter, Maestro Kumaresh has played a big role in bringing in technology to enhance the sound of the violin on stage. He was an integral part of one of the early world music band called "Brahmma" way back in the late 80’s. He was also among those selected musicians who acted in films working alongside with the likes of director Sri. K. Balachander and Sri. N. T. Rama Rao.

Kumaresh's Father / Guru Sri. T. S. Rajagopalan, mother P. Bhanumathy and his brother and mentor Sri. R Ganesh inspired Kumaresh to his own musical identity by exploring the inner depth of the art form.

He has a trailblazing 43 successful years of concert partnership with his brother Sri. Ganesh. Ganesh Kumaresh team has wowed audiences across the world and have greatly impacted an entire generation of young performers and listeners. They have introduced the concept of "Raga Pravaham". which represents melodies exclusively for violin exploring the different dynamics of the instrument. This they consider as their humble contribution to the art form. Their concerts are most sought after among the music listening audiences.

Apart from his world travels to more than 25 countries, Kumaresh's albums with his brother titled "Colors of India", "Carnatic Chills", "Manoranjani", "Spark", "Bowing with Passion" are all favorites amongst his fans. As a composer, he has created new melodic and rhythmic scales which makes his compositions challenging and invigorating.

Kumaresh has collaborated with various world class musicians from different genres in Jugalbandhis and Duets.

His combination with his wife Veena Maestro Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh in a production called "STRINGS ATTACHED" is a delightful combination of Music, Melody, Aesthetics and Flamboyance.

An out of box thinker and a philosopher, Kumaresh fondly known as the fiddling monk has redefined the teaching methods and repertoire for the students of violin.

Fiddling monk's journey continues in unifying minds to a state of bliss through his musical expressions.



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Hamsadhwani Sangeetha Rasa by fiddlingmonk
Hamsadhwani Sahitya Rasa by fiddlingmonk
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