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Venture into the world of Kaleidoscopic sound of Indian music under the guidance of Fiddling Monk (Kumaresh R).

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Portal Highlights
  • Easy ways to learn Indian Violin
  • Melodies composed and curated specifically for Indian Violin
  • First of its kind, interactive digital learning experience
  • Receive regular feedback, guidance as you embark on your musical journey
  • Receive Personalised signed Note of Appreciation on successful completion from Maestro


Course 1 — Prathama

In this course, you will be learning about the history of Indian Violin, about the great maestros who have expanded the art of playing the Indian Violin, the violin and bow holding posture and techniques. You will perfect the right-hand techniques, learn to tune your violin and get introduced to Sapthaswaras and twelve positions.


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Course 2 — Dwitheeya

In this course, you will be learning about the simple exercises to understand the swara positions, you will perfect the Left-hand techniques and posture and learn how to shift from 1st to 5th position. You will master the techniques to playing on all four strings, learn simple melodies – Lower Octave, Two Octave, Skipping notes Melodies


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Course 3 — Thritheeya

In this course, you will understand how to play the melodies as well as perfect usage of all fingers on the Violin. Melodies in this course traverses the three octaves facilitating the students to gain mastery in playing the Violin.

Please Note:
This course is not for beginners. You need to have good left and right-hand technique and have learnt to play Indian Violin already. Prerequisite for this course is completion of Dwitheeya. If you are signing up directly to Thritheeya, and have not completed Dwitheeya, you may need to complete a prerequisite course. Please email us on and we will share details on what course would be right and how you can get started on your learning!


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