Fiddling Monk
P. Bhanumathy

A very simple and unassuming person, my mother always insisted being in the right side of dharma- all the time . She never thought twice to take the other side if she found her children at fault . A devout lady, intensely devoted to her husband and family , her breath was our well being all the time . I never can recall an instance when she wanted something for herself and made an issue about it . Her life was to serve others all the time . Very caring and compassionate person, she is one who instilled in us the importance of a relationship and made us realise that come what may , we are all there for each other . She is an inspiration and a celebration . . .

The meaning of the song —

The soul of our mother is embodiment of love which cannot be attained by material wealth or intelligence.
Her compassion was limitless and simplicity was her natural state.
She always kept reminding us that happiness and sorrow are two sides of the same coin.
She had the character and colour of Gold — she was also called — Thangam (gold).
She took great pride and joy revealing in the motherhood of Ganesh, Kumaresh and Meenakshi.
She was the queen of Raja (Rajagopalan) — husband and our father.
She reached the ultimate goal of womanhood — leaving the mortal body as a Sumangali — (to leave the mortal body before the husband).
She will always remain a complete and as a musical phenomenon in our heart . . .